Titles that focus on CFNM (clothed female, naked male) along with ample doses of femdom (be it clothed or naked) populate this niche of ZENRA.

Japanese Schoolgirls and No Confidence Man Subtitled (June 28 2014)

Japanese schoolgirls are picked up off the street and star in a bizarre late night TV show starring a CFNM man lacking confidence with a twist with subtitl...

  • CFNM schoolgirls handjobs closeup
  • CFNM man masturbates in front of schoolgirls
  • Masturbation interview with Japanese schoolgirls
  • Erection sporting CFNM in Japan
  • Japanese blowjob performed by clothed woman
  • Japanese woman has breasts touched
The CFNM Penis Sculptor Subtitled (April 19 2014)

Suspenseful docudrama about a tan artisan from Shikoku who attempts to craft a harigata traditional Japanese dildo that supersedes reality with subtitles.

  • Demonstration of traditional harigata
  • Japanese CFNM small penis and phimosis
  • Intimate Japanese CFNM penis handling
  • Look of surprise on Japanese woman during surprise ejaculation
  • Japanese woman in lingerie gives double handjob
  • Close up of Japanese harigata
Penis Enlargement Training School Subtitled (January 25 2014)

Japanese men lacking intimacy skills due to low confidence because of small endowments take part in a strange hands on CFNM education seminar with subtitle...

  • Japanese teacher recounts experience abroad
  • Interview regarding Japanese penis size
  • Oral harem with Japanese nurses
  • Amused male client looks at exposed nurse butt
  • Tawny Japanese gyaru nurse measures penis
  • Japanese nurses with smiling doctor
CFNM Masturbation Support Cafe Subtitled (November 30 2013)

Acumen infused Japanese schoolgirls with decreasingly short skirts open a bizarre yet profitable masturbation support cafe in school with a heavy CFNM them...

  • Spread eagle schoolgirl ogled by customer
  • CFNM Japanese schoolgirls harem course in classroom
  • Group of Japanese schoolgirls swarm over CFNM masturbating customer
  • Shy Japanese schoolgirls bend over
  • Mutual masturbating with kissing Japanese schoolgirl
  • Japanese schoolgirl masturbation support cafe overhead view
Fellatio Cleaning Ladies Subtitled (October 19 2013)

Accidental ejaculations occur in places such as bathhouses and spas and the Japanese fellatio cleaning ladies come to the rescue with subtitles.

  • CFNM Japanese sauna attendant washes penis
  • Japanese fellatio cleaning lady hospital introduction
  • Japanese sauna lady washes penis
  • Accidental ejaculation at Japanese bathhouse
  • CFNM outdoor Japanese massage
  • Smiling Fellatio Cleaning Lady with CFNM client