Classic AV Stars

Japanese AV stars of the 2000's and before you can find here. Some releases below are uncensored and others are not. We highly recommend both! Remember the golden years of Japanese AV were the early 2000's. Production values were higher back then compared to today.

Miyuki Hourai is Always in the Mood Subtitled (February 03 2016)

Hyperactive golden age Japanese release featuring a perky AV star full of bright colors and energetic music by GUTS.

  • Miyuki Hourai is always in the mood
  • Miyuki Hourai aspirations interview
  • Spread Japanese woman for insertion
  • Japanese woman has breasts squeezed
  • POV nipple licking Japanese foreplay
  • Outdoor Japanese street interview
The Hiyori Shiraishi Playing Guide SubtitledUncensored (January 20 2016)

Busty and naive Hiyori Shiraishi returns for an uncensored outing featuring her in increasingly revealing outfits by VIRTUAL WAVE.

  • Hiyori Shiraishi Playing Guide
  • Butt in air for sex from behind in Japan
  • Big Japanese breasts poked from below
  • Massager mistaken for microphone
  • Japanese woman in handcuffs instructed to give blowjob
  • Handcuffs presented to laughing Japanese woman
Chihiro Hasegawa in Indecent Awakenings Subtitled (January 13 2016)

Chihiro Hasegawa discovers humanity in a neatly packaged Japanese AV release all about what it means to be human and then some by GUTS.

  • Chihiro Hasegawa Indecent Awakenings
  • Panty clad spread Chihiro Hasegawa holds small vibrator
  • Suddenly Japanese cosplay
  • Chihiro Hasegawa deepthroat blowjob
  • Chihiro Hasegawa licks her thumb
  • Chihiro Hasegawa masturbating vagina to vagina
The Uncensored Swan Song of MONBU RAN Part Two SubtitledUncensoredHD (December 16 2015)

The second part of our final uncensored encounter with the vivacious MONBU RAN who has her pubic hair totally shaved for further sexual congress.

  • Monbu Ran covered in body pain
  • Japanese chestnut cream cakes
  • Paipan missionary sex starring Monbu Ran
  • Monbu Ran gives blowjob with no mosaic
  • Paipan spread eagle Monbu Ran uncensored
  • No mosaic Japanese paipan examination
The Uncensored Swan Song of MONBU RAN Part One SubtitledUncensoredHD (December 09 2015)

The final curtain call for elfin Japanese AV star MONBU RAN with a body that defies her petite stature clocks in at a gargantuan four hours and is uncensor...

  • Monbu Ran sexual partners interview
  • Uncensored cowgirl sex starring Monbu Ran
  • Uncensored erection licking with Monbu Ran
  • Toe licking soapland foreplay with Monbu Ran
  • Uncensored soapy penis washing in Japan
  • Interview about sexual partners with Monbu Ran
Natural Romantic with Wakaba Sakai SubtitledUncensored (September 09 2015)

Wakaba Sakai is pale as a spooky ghost but gives off the charm of a true blue amateur in this special uncensored release by VIRTUAL WAVE.

  • Japanese amateur interview
  • Close up of pale Japanese fingering
  • Japanese woman eager for foreplay
  • Japanese butt in air during blowjob
  • Japanese mutual masturbation
  • Busty Japanese woman breasts felt
Miko Hayama is Always Smiling Subtitled (July 29 2015)

Hyperactive Japanese AV production from yesteryear featuring one of the most beautiful models in recent history with nearly flawless pale skin with subtitl...

  • Extreme split Japanese blowjob
  • Japan AV behind the scenes
  • Topless embarrassed and spread Japanese woman
  • Miko Hayama butt in air for rear sex
  • Under breasts of Miko Hayama
  • Dick sock with red lipstick on it
Hiyori Shiraishi in Bondage SubtitledUncensored (May 20 2015)

Outgoing Japanese AV star Hiyori Shiraishi of yesterday plays both the submissive and the dominant with ease uncensored with exclusive English subtitles.

  • Smiling Hiyori Shiraishi in green leather
  • Wide Japanese butt sex from behind
  • Hiyori Shiraishi gives uncensored blowjob
  • POV CFNM Japanese nipple teasing
  • Hiyori Shiraishi in green leather bondage outfit
  • Uncensored Japanese vibrator masturbation