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Defiled Schoolgirls

Japanese schoolgirls who are docile and eager to be trained sometimes skip the whole 'compensated dating' level of putting themselves out there and dive right into appearing in adult video. Here's your proof...

My Japanese Homestay Gone Wrong SubtitledExclusive (January 16 2017)

This could be you! Foreigners on Japanese homestays end up becoming extra intimate with all the females in their cultural exchange homes by FETISH-JAPAN.

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Kaori Schoolgirl Sex Diary Subtitled (January 11 2017)

Japanese compensated dating in action featuring a schoolgirl months away from graduating selling her uniform and more by GUTS.

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Haruka Nishiyama in Hey... Subtitled (December 28 2016)

Haruka Nishiyama with a lack of experience finds herself the object of perversion in a defiled title by GUTS that makes good use of ramune.

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I Want to be Loved with Minaki Saotome Subtitled (November 30 2016)

Elegant rope binding of the highest order in this timeless Japanese schoolgirl BDSM classic featuring Minaki Saotome and Yuuto Kuroda by GUTS.

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Japanese Cultural Exchange Homestay SubtitledHDExclusive (November 11 2016)

Nino from Italy goes on a Japanese homestay that culminates in a series of defilements including two schoolgirls and a housewife by FETISH-JAPAN.

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