Extreme Feats

Titles that are extreme and don't necessarily squarely fit in any other series categorization are assigned here. Do not expect to see 'regular' titles below this. Scroll down with a VERY open mind...

The Farts of Japanese Career Women SubtitledHDExclusive (July 25 2015)

Japanese career women spend time alone in front of a camera and talk about their experiences farting along with actual demonstrations in full HD with subti...

  • Japanese bottomless woman farts on camera
  • Japanese farting chat with amateur woman
  • Pink panties Japan farting attempt by amateur
  • Japanese office lady farting confession
  • Underwater farting in Japan
  • Smelly Japanese farts in water
Welcome to Tokyo Zentai Club Exclusive (July 18 2015)

Welcome to the TOKYO ZENTAI CLUB featuring an all female Japanese cast dressed from head to toe in form fitting Lycra.

  • Three Japanese zentai butts
  • Big red Japanese zentai butt zoomed in
  • Legs of zentai women entangled
  • Tokyo Zentai Club group event on bed
  • All female Japanese zentai snuggling
  • Zentai Japanese bisexual cuddling
You Are My Four Legged Friend with Saki Hatsumi SubtitledExclusive (July 11 2015)

Japanese AV star with a burgeoning idol career Saki Hatsumi takes part in a very strange date with an extremely submissive man on a leash with English subt...

  • Big Japanese butt in thong on Hatsumi Saki
  • Japanese woman in lingerie walks man on leash in public
  • Topless Japanese woman with man on leash in creek
  • Japanese pubic hair zoomed in
  • Japanese AV interview with extra oral sex
  • Missionary sex with Hatsumi Saki
The Box Part Two SubtitledExclusive (April 11 2015)

The second half of The Box where a Japanese schoolgirl voluntary confines herself to a box for 24 hours with English subtitles.

  • Japanese woman eats pink hot dog
  • Pink hot dogs for topless Japanese woman
  • Naked Japanese woman butt faces glory hole
  • Japanese box confined glory hole sex
  • Further sex for Maru Yamamoto
  • Deep kissing Japanese foreplay
The Box Part One SubtitledExclusive (April 04 2015)

The first half of The Box where a Japanese schoolgirl voluntary confines herself to a box for 24 hours with English subtitles.

  • The Box Japan
  • Maru Yamamoto strips naked
  • Bound Japanese woman in box
  • Stark naked Japanese woman urinates into baggy
  • Naked Japanese woman faces camera
  • Erection through bizarre Japanese glory hole
Farts of Embarrassed Japanese Women SubtitledHDExclusive (March 28 2015)

Embarrassed Japanese women strip off their panties and fart over and over while battling extreme embarrassment with subtitles.

  • Japanese arm wrestling office lady and boss
  • Japanese milf farts for you
  • Japanese woman farts in small room
  • Aroused short hair farting Japanese woman
  • Japanese woman with no panties with boss
  • Bottomless legs spread and up farting in Japan
Naked in School HD Uncensored SubtitledUncensoredHD (September 06 2014)

Naked in School returns in HD and uncensored featuring a small town way out in the boonies trying to make do with bizarre nudist regulations with subtitles...

  • Nudist Japanese students lick classmates shaft
  • Embarrassed nudist Japanese students in field
  • Japanese outdoor nudist swimming lesson
  • Japanese nudist student gives titjob
  • Lithe nudist schoolgirl missionary
  • Cuddling during Japanese orgy