Extreme Feats

Titles that are extreme and don't necessarily squarely fit in any other series categorization are assigned here. Do not expect to see 'regular' titles below this. Scroll down with a VERY open mind...

FETISH-JAPAN vs. ZENRA: WET and MESSY SubtitledHDExclusive (October 03 2016)

Cute Japanese AV stars in bikinis and aprons throwing pies and playing with ample amounts of natto by FETISH-JAPAN.com.

  • glamorous japanese women in lingerie
  • japanese wet and messy with pies
  • bikini clad butt covered in pie
  • natto play in between breasts
  • japanese wet and messy natto play
  • japanese wet and messy lesbian natto kissing
Human Toilet Syndrome SubtitledExclusive (September 26 2016)

The Final Form of Japanese AV by COLLECTOR featuring every prurient act of debauchery in the books plus a few made up on the spot.

  • additional enema given to japanese woman
  • japanese sex from behind with enema held in
  • intense drooling during deepthroat fellatio
  • japanese av double penetration plus blowjob
  • raw eggs emptied into japanese anal cavity
  • japanese anal sex from behind egg yolks
Ami Kasai Cosplay Course SubtitledHDExclusive (August 22 2016)

Ami Kasai with her plus sized breasts and premium pout go full on cosplay to suit the needs of some wildly specific otaku fantasies by TOSHIAKI.

  • kasai ami cosplay cleavage pov
  • japanese masturbation filmed by actress zoomed in
  • busty squeezed together breasts ami kasai masturbating
  • anime figure built by kasai ami visible cleavage
  • cosplay ami kasai builds figurine
  • nearly naked kasai ami groped sexual non sexual
The Box 2 Part Two SubtitledExclusive (July 23 2016)

The pinnacle of extreme feats concludes with a Japanese schoolgirl spending 24 hours confined to a box for repeated bouts of sexual perversion by COLLECTOR...

  • japanese woman with ennui in cramped box
  • massager used on lounging japanese woman
  • japanese amateur eaten out
  • japanese couple sixtynine from the side
  • japanese oral sex filmed from above
  • box challenge blindfold interview
The Box 2 Part One SubtitledExclusive (July 16 2016)

First time Japanese AV star Hikaru Mochizuki follows in the footsteps of Maru Yamamoto by confining herself in a box for 24 hours by COLLECTOR.

  • swimsuit clad japanese woman puts on red blindfold
  • crazy box challenge barely started
  • japanese woman in swimsuit stuck in box
  • japanese blowjob through glory hole
  • topless japanese woman in box with vibrator
  • ejaculation over butt from gloryhole sex